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CEO Positioning & Ghost Writing

Your CEO is your company’s face to the world. As a spokesperson for your company’s strategy and goals, he has a unique role to play.

We can help you position as a ‘thought leader’ who brings his or her vision and expertise proactively to the market

We offer the following services to make your CEO’s life as easy as possible:

  • Definition of strategic topics: Before we begin the actual positioning it is essential to define strategic and opportunity topics that match the individual strengths of the CEO and support the strategic messaging of the company.
  • Development of a systematic plan: Part of the positioning plan is a stakeholder-specific messaging and development of a consistent activity roadmap.
  • Content creation & Ghostwriting: CEO’s are busy people and rarely have the time to write their own content. At Backstage we have senior copywriters and journalists that can do this job for him. Once the strategic topics are identified, we can develop opinion pieces, blog articles and social media posts ready to use.
  • Social Media Posting: Backstage’s experts can also take the practical stuff out of your CEO’s or communication team’s hands and post the created content on the right platforms at the right time.
  • Media Relations & PR: As a final step in the CEO positioning plan we will bring your CEO’s insights, opinion and vision to the relevant media and help him prepare for interviews, helping your CEO to present him-/herself, knowing in advance what to say and what not to say.

Our goal is to create maximum visibility and awareness for your company in the Benelux markets

Consisting of expert communications professionals, the Backstage team targets both national and international institutions and companies of all sizes.

Our work covers corporate and product communications, press, and public relations, media partnerships and planning, corporate publishing, and financial market communication.