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Issues Management

Your company’s reputation can be destroyed or boosted by the way in which you react in a crisis. Speed, candor, and carefully worded messaging are key elements able to make or break your corporate reputation. Let us help you prepare for such difficult times. We have experience working with companies in periods of extreme corporate stress and negative publicity.

In the strict sense of the term, crisis communications consist of all communications measures, techniques, and actions undertaken to combat the effects of an event (accident, pollution, redundancies, product recall, etc.) negatively impacting the image of the organization concerned or its products.

We believe you should not wait until a crisis happens. Better safe than sorry! We can help you proactively prepare for such situations by identifying the most likely incidents and ensuring that information and decision flows are clear so you react efficiently when a crisis occurs. With appropriate messaging available for each of those events, there will be no need for panic, allowing you and your management team to focus on resolving the problem.


Our goal is to create maximum visibility and awareness for your company in the Benelux markets

Consisting of expert communications professionals, the Backstage team targets both national and international institutions and companies of all sizes.

Our work covers corporate and product communications, press, and public relations, media partnerships and planning, corporate publishing, and financial market communication.